Our Approach

Propco has been delivering incentives and loyalty rewards since 1980. We have developed a variety of promotions that have a high value to the end consumer and a low cost to the companies we assist. Propco has adapted to the digital age with innovative travel, gift card, lifestyle, and digital incentives. Our promotions have earned the trust of top Fortune 100 companies and respect within the industry.

Propco provides top performing stand alone customer acquisition and engagement incentives. We also provide completely integrated points based loyalty platforms, rebate programs and many more.

Working side-by-side with you, we develop programs which are engineered to amaze, to delight and deliver meaningful value to your customers. This, in turn, enhances brand loyalty and places your company top-of-mind of top-of-wallet for customers today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Our Story

When Propco started in 1980 we were widely recognized for providing toasters and blankets to banks as a premium for checking acquisition programs. Quickly growing with new opportunities, Propco made a name for itself by becoming one of the first providers of incentive companion airfare vouchers that were used nationwide by banks and grocery chains for spend-and-get, acquisition and loyalty programs. Over the next several decades, Propco has thrived by continuing to evolve through development, testing and refinement of hundreds of programs that create the perfect mix of value and effectiveness to meet our clients’ needs.

Today, Propco features motivation and incentive programs for many of the top companies in the country. Our key industries of concentration include: banking and financial, credit card, insurance, manufacturing, retail, e-tail, affinity groups, hospitality and travel. We have built on our foundations of toasters, blankets and travel vouchers to offer some of the most leading-edge solutions in digital content, reward cards, travel savings programs, loyalty programs and member benefits.

Our focus is not only on providing the solutions that are most desired by today’s end users, but in developing the most effective delivery methods that keep operating costs low while maintaining a high customer satisfaction level. We support these programs with a full service bi-lingual customer call center and an in-house fulfillment center that features some of the fastest turn times in the industry for customized full-color printing and gift card mailing.

Looking forward, Propco maintains its commitment to excellence in customer service and future-focused programming, ensuring its continued industry leadership as it helps its next generation of clients meet their business aspirations.

At Propco, world-class incentive programs are what we do and who we are. Every day.

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