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The “Internet of Things” makes mobile devices the new primary channel for online consumer interaction.

Your customer is digitally connected, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week. They’re shopping as much with their phones as with their wallet, and digital-based rewards are here to stay.

Loved for their ease-of-use and personalized nature, our digital rewards programs provide the perfect balance of choice, flexibility, and value. Unique, innovate and cost-effective, these incentives make it easy for you to offer – and even easier for your customers to redeem.

You can choose a single reward that’s tailored to fit your customer base, or provide your customers with a selection of hand-picked rewards. Digital awards are ideally suited for social media campaigns and e-commerce programs. Propco can handle the complete fulfillment process for you, or we can send you PIN codes for your organization to fulfill.

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