Propco is now offering TSA Pre✓®

Propco has developed a relationship with the U.S. Department of Transportation Security Administration in order to offer this unique incentive for our clients. We handle all the creative approval as well as all the customer service to create a seamless program for your next promotion.

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Advantages to your customers

Reward your customers with an $85 valued prepaid TSA Pre✓® application voucher. Allow your customer to become part of an expedited screening program that helps take the stress out of travel. TSA Pre✓® is new travel category and a unique offer in the marketplace that will simplify the airport travel experience. TSA Pre✓ ® is a low cost high perceived value incentive .

It has been again a pleasure to speed through TSA security without confused non-enrollees wondering why their traveling companions cannot also proceed through PreCheck and then wondering where bins can be found,
Krein, Sr. Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs, Carlsbad, CA

How TSA Pre✓® works

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